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All performances are free, compliments of Beach St Co.

Meet the Musicians

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Kirsty Hulka is a local singer-songwriter from Fremantle. Her sultry vocals evoke a sense of nostalgia while her fingers effortlessly glide around her keyboard in a style that relics the piano greats such as;Ben Folds, Regina Spektor, Elton John and Alicia Keys. Joined by Timothy Marshall on the cajon, the pair play pleasant tunes that everyone will enjoy.



From the jungles of Brazil and the Peruvian mountains, to the Mexican deserts and beyond, Loz Del Bosque will take you on a journey through the Americas and Europe with a unique blend of sacred world music.

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Seasoned veterans of the national scene, The Evergone Brothers have assembled a collection of classic covers that have inspired them through their musical careers.

"Simple with a Clint Eastwood swagger, all standouts. Mike Sukys has a genuine gift." Triple J.